Be Recognized

Booths are so dial-up, so say hello to our exhibit lounges and bars. Your new friends will hang out, drink java and all while interacting with you in your spacious exhibition living room. We provide you with couches, tables and whatever else you need to closely connect with your conference loungers. Due to their large sizes, spaces are very limited. 

Logo merch is cool, but at the WCRC, your logo merch is next level. We promote and sell your branded wear at our exclusive WCRC store and donate profits to Kids Chance. Conference guests go home with your brand and Kids Chance gets the real rewards. 

Boost your brand and make your perception a reality. The WCRC enhances your brand in four different unique ways:


                 Design the Hotel,    Apparel Package,    Conference Wear,   Cuisine Package 

Sometimes the best place to be noticed is center stage. That’s why we created this exclusive VIP experience. Decorate the stage, have your name in lights and introduce the Speakers.  While you're up there, spend a few moments and tell us about yourself, company and brand.  When done keep the mic because we will need you to moderate during the keynote address. 

Be seen and engage at the at the conferences biggest events.  From our formal black tie dance to the live concert on the lawn, we make sure your company is not only seen and heard, but known!  Our concierge service will provide a tailored approach to ensure that your brand positioning is appropriately placed throughout the event as per your wishes, and you will have ample opportunities to meet and speak with the audience. (Warning: Not intended for those with stage fright.)

Are you looking for a way to build stronger relationships with your clients?  Invite them to a hosted social outing in a warmer more intimate setting at one of the Monarch’s beautiful venues.  These smaller events are for groups of less than 10 and we ensure that everything will be taken care of from food to fun. Not sure who to invite? We can take care of that as well. Just ask our WCRC concierge and they will connect you with our risk and employer friends.