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Today's Topic: Weed!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Happy Friday, dear readers! It’s the end of another beautiful week here in California and as we wrap things up I just can’t help but share another cool new piece of technology that is so nifty that it’s likely the sign of yet another shrinking of the workers’ comp world. After all, the more automation and the fewer jobs around that result in injury, the fewer files for us all to administer and litigate, no?

When California is mentioned to non-Californians, they typically think of things like Hollywood, marijuana, “high” tech and high-tech, horrible – just absolutely horrible – roads, and a generally liked character on The Office.

A huge sector of California’s job market is in agriculture, and always has been. That remains the case now, and there is no shortage of injuries that can occur in that line of work. From horrific farm equipment mangling of limbs to cumulative traumas wearing out joints and bones to chemical exposures from pesticides and herbicides, the agriculture business is a cruel mistress, no mistake.

So, anything that can replace back-breaking human labor with automation is a win-win, right? Employers have fewer injuries to cover and workers have fewer injuries to suffer through.

Hence, your humble blogger thinks it’s pretty cool that Carbon Robotics has a self-driving robot that kills weeds with lasers.

The machines are already available for sale and have been deployed to several farms, but the real test will be year-after-year of productivity. What could this mean?

More food produced at lower costs, less soil depletion from weed grown, and, most importantly, fewer toxic herbicides which means fewer chemical exposures and less manual labor for farm workers. In other words, fewer workers’ compensation claims.

In other words, every wins!

Here’s to hoping you have a great weekend, dear readers, and your humble blogger hopes this blog post started that weekend off with a positive thought.

(This blog was reposted with permission from WCDefenseCA)

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